UKPMHN mailing 24 Nov 2016

Dear friends,

This email contains links to:

(a) Jonathan Rosenhead writing on the Home Affairs Select Committee Report on anti-Semitism;

(b) a submission to the International Criminal Court produced by Palestinian human rights organisations documenting crimes against the people of Gaza

(c) a petition (for Londoners) calling on MPs to act on the abuse of children in the West Bank

  1. a) Jonathan Rosenhead examines the Report issued by the Home Affairs Select Committee on anti-Semitism:

This brief and elegantly written article analyses the recently-issued Home Affairs Select Committee’s Report on Anti-Semitism in the UK. Over the last year we have witnessed an assault on the Palestinian solidarity movement from a coalition of forces determined both to replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader and to silence criticism of Israel. We have to recognise that in this latter aim they have had significant successes, in part because their assertions and insinuations have been given such credibility by a supine media and an anxious public. Rosenhead reviews a particularly worrying development in this campaign…

His piece appears in the latest Bulletin issued by BRICUP (the British Committee for the Universities in Palestine). This group is committed to supporting the academic and cultural boycott of Israel, following the guidelines of the movement’s Palestinian leadership. Their website ( explains the background to the academic boycott, and is well-worth exploring for those trying to promote the boycott or to clarify their approach to it. We also recommend contacting Bricup ( to receive their Bulletins on a regular basis.

b) “they are suffocating us”: Gaza 2016

Palestinian human rights organisations have joined forces to produce a submission to the International Criminal Court, documenting in detail the crimes inflicted on the people of Gaza: People who ‘live’ under this medieval siege contribute to this brief video

c) For those living in London, UK: A petition urging action against the abuse of children by the military authorities in the West Bank, organised by the London Palestine Solidarity Campaign Branches Child Prisoners Action Group:

Read the July 2016 debate in the House of Lords on this topic here: