UKPMHN mailing 4 Dec 2016

Dear friends,

Pro-Zionist groups seeking to close down public discussion of Palestine have claimed the credit for the deletion of articles by the New Statesman that describe daily life under Israeli Occupation. These include a study by Salah Ajarma, founder of the Lajee Cultural Centre, that focused on the challenges facing Palestinian youth growing up in the Aida Refugee Camp.

To close minds to the realities of those whose lives are marred by discrimination and oppression at the behest of vested interests, to be indifferent to the human consequences of an ongoing project of settler colonialism – these are surely the hallmarks of racism.  Support for Israel seems to require that we cleanse the Palestinians from our journals, theatres, political debates and university campuses, just as they are being ethnically cleansed within Palestine itself.

We hope you will sign this petition, for our own freedom to know, think and act, and for the liberation of Palestine.

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