UKPMHN mailing 27 Jan 2017

Dear Friends,

Just weeks after the UN Security Council Resolution 2334 confirmed that Israeli colonization of the West Bank was illegal, the Israeli Government has announced plans for more settlements. The UK Government voted for Resolution 2334: we need to ask what it is going to do to ensure the resolution is enforced.

This week, another Bedouin village inside Israel (in other words, inhabited by Israeli ‘citizens’) was demolished to make way for a Jewish-only town. A campaign has been fought for several years to save the village from destruction ( This callous and racist policy does untold harm to those affected, not least in traumatising adults and children. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign is urging us to write to our MPs:

Haaretz, the daily newspaper, reports on conversations among Israeli interrogators about the torture techniques they employ ( (You will need to subscribe or sign up for free access to six premium articles to view this link).

Two Jewish Israelis have complained about being tortured – their cases are being investigated while over a thousand submissions about the torture of Palestinians by the Israeli authorities have been ignored:

Meanwhile the bubble burst on the campaign to smear anti-racist campaigners, with the broadcast of four short documentaries on Al Jazeera.

Read Avi Shlaim’s report here:

An undercover journalist has exposed the plots to infiltrate the Labour Party and damage the careers of members who support Palestinian rights:

watch here:

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