Public morals in the UK and Israel

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1. Adding insult to injury: psychiatrist Dr Samah Jabr provides the context for Teresa May’s invitation to Netanyahu to celebrate the centenary of the Balfour Declaration:

2. ‘The Mainstreaming of Palestinian Genocide’. Former IDF Paratrooper and Dr of Psychology Yoav Litvin writes on public attitudes among Jewish Israelis towards the extrajudicial executions of Palestinian civilians:

3.’Progressive Zionist’ a contradiction in terms according to Donna Nevel, Community Psychologist:

4. Motherhood under Siege, as experienced by interpreter Nesma Seyam:

5.’Gaza is my homeland’, a song composed and performed by John van Eenwyk, Jungian Analyst, Clinical Psychologist, specialist in complex trauma with many years experience of working with colleagues at the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme:

6. ‘On Labour Friends of Israel’: a group of Labour Party members, all health professionals associated with the Mental Health Network, offer a critique of the lobby group:

7. A petition to withdraw charitable status from the Campaign against Anti-Semitism, responsible for attacks on those supporting Palestinian rights, can be signed here:

(An example of the smearing tactics used against Israeli dissidents can be viewed here:

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