‘Political Minds’, a march, and other events for your diary

Sunday 29th October, Hanley, Staffordshire

“Broken Promises: keeping hope alive”

Day Conference on anniversary of Balfour Declaration organised by Sumud Palestine with Bernard Regan, Haim Bresheeth and Brian Brown. Further details: Click here
Sumud Palestine supports mental health infrastructure development in the West Bank




Saturday 18th November, London 6pm

Political Minds: a Freud Bar event

“Palestine: Inner Conflict of Two Mortal Enemies. A Way out of Violence?”

Discussion about video ‘Moving Beyond Violence’ featuring the stories of two members of Combatants for Peace, with commentary by US psychoanalyst Jessica Benjamin.
For further details: Click here
To book tickets: http://tinyurl.com/yat428su



Saturday November 4th, London 12 noon: March

“Make it right for Palestine”

Organised by a range of solidarity orgs and trade unions, the Mental Health Network will be part of this march, beginning at 12 noon at Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park.

Come and join us.




Saturday 21st October, London: Meeting

“Netanyahu’s New Normal” with David Sheen

Sheen is an independent Israeli journalist known for his videos on racism and Israeli society. For details of meeting see attachment.