STOP TRUMP + Analysis from Profs Rouhana and Shelhoub-Kevorkian

1. STOP TRUMP! The UKPMHN will be at the London demonstration protesting Trump’s arrival in the UK. Watch out for our banner. The event begins at 2pm at Portland Place: See:

2. Decolonization as reconciliation: analysis by NADIM ROUHANA: one-time clinical psychologist, now Professor of International Negotiation and Conflict Studies, urges us to ‘rethink the national conflict paradigm in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict’here:

3. “The Politics of Suffering”: A special edition of the open access journal, Borderlands, edited and introduced by NADERA SHALHOUB-KEVORKIAN, including articles on ‘the right to maim’,‘criminalizing pain’, checkpoint narratives, the exclusion of Palestinian experience from academic studies of trauma and genocide, and more:

4. BDS NEWS: The Socialist International “calls all governments and civil society organisations to activate Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions”… On 27th June the Council of the Socialist International meeting in Geneva confirmed its support for Palestinian self-determination, for the rights of Palestinian refugees, a total end to settlement activities, the ‘immediate cessation of all forms of violence by the Israeli occupying power against the Palestinian non-violent resistance’, the release of all Palestinian prisoners, the blockade of Gaza, and called for international support for BDS:

5. LETTERS FROM GAZA: Hanan Abubasheer, psychology student from Gaza, asks penetrating questions about our attitudes towards Palestine with her ‘Letters from Gaza’: and

6. “There is a life behind every statistic”: Sara Roy challenges the West’s dehumanisation of the Palestinians, here:

7. “Open Letter to the Board of Deputies of British Jews From Jewish People in the UK”: activists challenge ‘official’ representatives of the Jewish community for defending mass murder:

Meanwhile, Israel deports US Jewish activist for supporting BDS: in the words of an Israeli Minister, ‘This is a Jew who tries to abuse this fact’: