Clinicians back cultural boycott, analysing the siege, a poem, and much more

Backing the cultural boycott, Gaza news and book review, a poem, dreaming a democratic future, how to identify anti-Palestinian racism, and a poem


  1. The PALESTINE UNION OF SOCIAL WORKERS AND PSYCHOLOGISTS (PUSWP) has appealed to clinicians worldwide to stay away from the IARPP Conference in Tel Aviv next June in the name of the cultural boycott of Israeli institutions, in a statement applicable to all such events and conferences.


  1. Little lies and the big lie about Gaza: Canadian psychoanalyst Judith Deutsch reviews Norman Finkelstein’s book Gaza: an inquest into its martyrdom. “His meticulous inquest into Israel’s atrocities and the moral depravity within humanitarian institutions demands answers about who or what has a right to exist.”



  1. Cultural Centre destroyed. Israel has systematically degraded infrastructure in Gaza, as part of a programme to render life in the Strip unbearable. On August 9th the Said al-Mishal Cultural Center and Theatre was bombed, the latest in a series of attacks on arts institutions. See for news of the centre, and for information on how to contribute to an appeal fund for theatre in Gaza.



  1. Medical Aid for Palestinians highlights the impact of the atrocities in Gaza on health workers: “Since 30 March, hundreds of Palestinian health workers have been injured and three killed in Gaza by Israeli forces using live ammunition, tear gas, and rubber bullets.” Sign the petition calling on the UK Government to take appropriate action:



  1. Anti-Palestinian racism – rife in our societies. Some tips on how to identify it (from the website of Jewish Voice for Labour):


  1. Dreaming a democratic future. Jeff Halper, founder of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, discusses the need for a political programme to replace the now defunct ‘two state solution’:


  1. Poem: J’Accuse, by Aharon Shabtai: “The sniper who shot at Muhammad the child/beneath his father’s arm/Wasn’t acting alone….”