5 Broken Cameras. Courageous film-maker urgently requires a new camera

Dear Network Member,

Charlotte Burck is editing the film compilation, Surviving Chidhood, which will be shown at our March Conference. As described in her message below, Charlotte has set up this Justgiving page to support Enad Burnat and the Bil’in community continue their creative work.

Community projects such as this have clear impacts on the psychological wellbeing and resilience of families and communities and we are grateful to Charlotte for her initiative.

Charlotte will collect the donations on behalf of Enad Burnat and forward the money once the target has been reached.

With best wishes
UKPMHN steering group

5 Broken Cameras. Courageous film-maker urgently requires a new camera.

We are seeking to raise money for a new camera for the film-maker Emad Burnat to enable him to continue his film-making, witnessing what is taking place in his vulnerable community which has been abandoned by the world’s media.

5 Broken Cameras, filmed by Burnat, was nominated for Best Documentary Feature in the 85th Academy awards. Self-taught, Burnat documented his son Gibreel’s life from his birth, in the context of the Israelis’ attempts to build a wall to separate their village, Bil’in, from 60% of their farmland and the Jewish settlement Modi’in Illit, and of the village inhabitants’ non-violent protest. The film captures the struggle of the villagers trying to live their lives, the occupation and the protests, and Gibreel’s development within that context. All five of Burnat’s cameras were destroyed during the filming.

Please help us to provide a new camera for this important film-maker, to ensure the continued witnessing of the effects on Gibreel’s development in the context of what he and his family are experiencing and how the community is surviving.  Creative initiatives like these in communities that are constantly being undermined are a key part of supporting mental health/well being and counteracting feelings of helplessness and isolation.