Palestine Trauma Centre appeal

Dear Network member,
You will all have worries closer to home at the moment and we do not usually send out appeals for funding via the list but we think this is an exceptional case.
We on the steering group are very closely connected to the Palestine Trauma Centre which carries out wonderful therapeutic work and inspiring community projects in Gaza. Their team presented at our Palestinian Childhoods conference a year ago. Details of their work can be found on their website

We now attach an urgent call for help in keeping the service going after the end of this month when, if it does not receive funding, it will have to close.

This will be catastrophic not only for the individuals and families helped by the Centre but also for the dedicated professionals working there who will lose their livelihoods. Charities such as PTC have faced increasing difficulties in obtaining funding because foundations that support them have themselves come under attack.

We attach the fundraising appeal and very much hope you will feel able to contribute.

Click on this link to donate: PTCUK donate