Recording of Cafe Palestine 4

Cafe Palestine is a series of fortnightly, hour-long presentations and discussions with mental health practitioners based in Palestine and involving participants world-wide.  If you would like to receive regular updates about forthcoming events and the availability of recordings, please join our mailing list.

Recording of Cafe Palestine 4

If you would like to receive regular updates aboutCafe Palestine then

The recording of the most recent Cafe Palestine is now available featuring Yoa’d Ghanadry-Hakim, who shared her reflections on trauma, the usefulness of PTSD as a clinical concept, and the complexities of working with imported, Western, terminology in the Palestinian context. Yoa’d Ghanadry-Hakim, a clinical psychologist and certified supervisor, is the head therapist at the Palestine Counseling Centre in Beit Hanina and head of the Arab Union of Psychologists. She is also a psychosocial and human rights activist.

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