Café Palestine Seven on Sat 11th July with Nabila Espanioly: Violence against Palestinian Women: an intersectional struggle

Café Palestine Seven
Sat 11th July from Nazareth
10.45am (UK time) 12.45pm (Palestine time)
Nabila Espanioly: Violence against Palestinian Women: an intersectional struggle

Nabila Espanioly will be speaking about the multiple challenges facing Palestinian women, within a patriarchal society, under occupation, and with the additional pressures created by the pandemic. (See below for links that relate to the experiences of Palestinian women.)

Nabila Espanioly is a feminist and peace activist who founded the Pedagogical Center and Multipurpose Women’s Centre in Nazareth (Al-Tufula) in 1989 and has served as the director since that time. She has an M.A. in Psychology from Bamberg University, Germany and a B.A. in Social Work from Haifa University.

Nabila has extensive experience in Early Childhood Development and women’s empowerment. She has written and edited several books and articles on early childhood care and development, as well as general social and political issues related to women. She lectures in many places around the world on topics including early childhood education, Palestinian women in Israel, violence against women, sex education, women in the media, and women’s political participation. She published children stories establishing a new genre by introducing the destroyed villages in 1948 in these stories.

A link to the full biography of Nabila is available here

The Cafe will open with live music from 10.45 (UK time) / (Palestine time) organised with PalMusic UK.

The Cafe Palestine event will last for 1.5 hours.

  1. The recording of Cafe Palestine 6 from Hebron, Jerusalem and Bethlehem on 27 June featuring Raed Amira, Riad Arar and Rand Shaar speaking about social work in Palestine focusing on responding to the Covid-19 emergency.

    Cafe Palestine started with music from Marc Kawwas, a young Palestinian Pianist. He has performed numerous recitals and concerts across Palestine and won many music competitions.

    The link is available here:

  2. Palestinian women: more recently published resources
  1. Addameer article ‘Israeli Occupation continues to violate the rights of Palestinian women’
  2. Samah Jabr ‘How Israel exploits gender roles to discredit Palestinian female activists’
  3. Faraj Najjar ‘Domestic abuse against Palestinian women soars’
  4. Hala Marshood and Riya Alsanah ‘Tal’at: a feminist movement that is redefining liberation and reimagining Palestine’
  5. Najla M. Shahwan ‘The Ongoing Struggle of Palestinian Women’
  6. ‘+972’s Story of the Year: Palestinian women rise worldwide’