Café Palestine Ten on Sat 22 August from Nazareth

Café Palestine Ten on Sat 22 August from Nazareth
at 10.45am (UK time) / 12.45am (Palestine time)
with Dr Mustafa Qossoqsi, Nazareth Hospital

“Notes on an intimate disaster: Nakbah in the Clinic and Beyond”

In his presentation, Mustafa will speak about his understanding of the meaning of Nakbah and its profound impact on the political, social and psychological lives of Palestinians over the generations.He will describe the intimately connected ways in which the Nakbah enters into individual consciousness and relationships, some of the dilemmas this creates and he will provide examples from his clinical practice.


The Cafe will open with live music
at 10.45am (UK time) / 12.45am (Palestine time)

The dialogue with Mustafa Qossoqsi will start at 11.00am (UK time) / 1pm (Pal time)
The whole event is expected to last about 90 minutes

نوفر خدمة الترجمة إلى اللغة العربية في مقهى فلسطين لمن يحتاجون إلىها، سيكون هناك  ملخص حصري ومتداول باللغة العربية للعرض والأسئلة والإجابات
إذا كنت تحتاج إلى الترجمة إلى اللغة العربية، أرسل رسالة إلى الإيميل التالي

ستتوفر الترجمة من خلال الانضمام إلى مجموعة في تطبيق الواتساب

ARABIC TRANSLATION AT CAFE PALESTINE: Throughout Cafe Palestine there will be a rolling Arabic text summary of the presentation, questions and answers available via Whatsapp.
Please contact if you would like to be added to the Whatsapp Arabic translation group.

Dr Mustafa Qossoqsi is a Clinical psychologist and Family and Couple Psychotherapist who is based at the EMMS Nazareth hospital where he is the chief clinical psychologist of the Psychiatric department and a clinical supervisor at the “Maana” Psychotherapeutic Centre. He also runs a private practice. Mustafa has researched the intergenerational effects of the Nakbah on internally displaced Palestinians. He has been instrumental in developing training in Arabic for Palestinian Psychologists. He is Co-founder and former head of the Arab Psychological Association and co- founder of the Palestine Global Network. Mustafa is also a published poet.

Recording of Café Palestine Nine

Cafe Palestine Nine from Arabeh in Galilee with Hussam Kana’na from the Palestinian Counseling Center. Hussam discussed his research on the psychological impact of the practice by Israeli authorities of delaying the return to their families of bodies of Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces.

The Cafe started with music from Gaza featuring Dr. Ismael Daoud, Teacher of Oud and professor in music theory, followed by Natalie Tarazi on piano and Juliana Redwan on violin.