Café Palestine Thirteen on Sat 3 Oct with Muna Khalidi from Lebanon

Please note the new time

15.45pm (UK time) / 17.45pm (Pal time)

“Mental health in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon”

Muna Khalidi Ph.D. is the VP of the Board of Beit Atfal as-Somoud where she oversees the mental health program. She will discuss difficulties faced by Palestinians in Lebanese refugee camps and the impact on their mental health.

To visit the website of The National Institution of Social Care and Vocational training (NISCVT) known as Beit Atfal Assumoud (BAS) click here

The Cafe will open with live music at 3.45pm (UK time) / 5.45pm (Pal time)
The link with Lebanon will start at 4.00pm (UK time) / 6.00pm (Pal time)
The whole event is expected to last about 90 minutes


Other Links

International Affairs: Dr Samah Jabr’s reflections on the psychological meanings of the ‘normalisation’ of Israel’s relations with the Gulf monarchies… (published in the Middle East Monitor, this link takes you to the version on the Palestine Global Mental Health Network’s website): 

Colonising the Jordan Valley: Ben White reports on Knesset meetings that deliberate on the ethnic cleansing of the Jordan Valley, with an intensification of home demolitions, the destruction of water cisterns, olive trees etc:

Torture, and the attempt to suppress the truth: We missed this report from Adameer, published earlier this year, on the continued use of torture in Israeli prisons, and the attempts by state to block its exposure. 73 Palestinians have died under interrogation since 1967.

Recording of Café Palestine Twelve

The café came direct from Palestine Trauma Centre in Gaza. The therapy team there produced some videos films and set the agenda for what they wanted to say. The presentation looked at the way therapeutic methods have constantly adapted to unstable conditions. Life is fragmented. Each part struggles with a different threat to survival. In the therapy and in our meeting the team hope to bring some cohterence and manageability to the struggle.

The cafe started with live music from Gaza featuring students from the National Conservatory for Music: Ezzedine Khalifeh playing oud and singing, and Dana Al-Jaraf who played Oblivion by Piazzolla on the cello.