Cafe Palestine Nineteen on 9th January

A very happy New Year to everyone!
Let’s hope that 2021 will see real steps towards peace, equality and justice for all.

Café Palestine Nineteen on Sat 9 January

15.45pm (UK time) / 17.45pm (Pal time)

Conversation with Munther Amira,

Human Rights Defender

direct from Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem

“Popular Resistance and the Refugee Experience”

At our first Café event in 2021 we will be privileged to hear from Human Rights Defender Munther Amira, direct from Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem. Munther is a refugee who lives and works in the camp, where he was born. He is the Board Director of the camp’s Youth Centre, established in 1968, a social worker, and formerly the General Secretary of the Palestinian Union of Social Workers and Psychologists. He is also co-ordinator of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee.

In our conversation, Munther will talk about life in Aida camp, and about how the meaning of occupation emerges from the history of the camp and the experiences of its residents. This will include the story of the Key of Return, which Munther accompanied to the Berlin Art Biennale in 2012.

Munther will explain how, in the face of the incessant violence of the Occupation, he and others respond with an activism based on an ideology of popular, non-violent resistance. In 2017, Munther was given an annual award for popular struggle by Youth Against Settlements.

Munther arrested                          Facing soldiers                                       Tear gas

The Cafe will open with live music
at 3.45pm (UK time) / 5.45pm (Pal time)
The discussion will start at 4.00pm (UK time) / 6.00pm (Pal time)
The whole event is expected to last about 90 minutes

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ARABIC TRANSLATION AT CAFE PALESTINE: Throughout Cafe Palestine there will be a rolling Arabic text summary of the presentation, questions and answers available via Whatsapp. Please contact if you would like to be added to the Whatsapp Arabic translation group.

Cafe Palestine in 2021

Reminder of future plans: Cafe Palestine will now take place every four weeks, beginning on the 9th January (so then on the 6th February, and the 6th March..). Between these events there will be an open forum or meeting place, without pre-arranged speakers or themes, in which we can share current information and ideas, and keep closely in touch with one another: the first of these ‘street corners’ will be on 23rd January, then on 20th February and the 20th March…).

Recording of Cafe Palestine 18

The recording of Café Palestine 18 “Broken Homes, Broken Families: supporting families whose homes have been demolished” with Remal Salah and Dima Tadros from the Palestinian Counseling Centre is now available: