The next Cafe Palestine is Dardishi


1. Dardishi – on the street corner
The next ‘traditional’ Café Palestine will take place on 6 February. Following that, Cafe Palestine will become a monthly event instead of a fortnightly one. On the Saturdays we aren’t hosting Cafe Palestine, we will be hosting Dardishi – a space for open and unstructured conversation to which everyone interested in mental health and the Palestinian struggle is warmly invited. The first Dardishi will be on Saturday 23 January. 4pm (UK), 6pm (Palestine), (the meeting place will open fifteen minutes earlier). Here is the link:

2. “This is Apartheid”
The Israeli human rights organisation B’Tselem explains why it has reached this conclusion in its latest Report:

UK news reports on this: Dr Rafeef Ziadah in The Independent  and Hagai El-Ad in The Guardian

3. An example of discriminatory health care: sign the petition
A graphic example of racism is found in Israel’s policy of mass vaccination of Jewish settlers in the West Bank, and failing to vaccinate their Palestinian neighbours.

This is the subject of a petition “Launch a COVID-19 Vaccination Program for the West Bank and the Gaza Strip”: PLEASE SIGN

This is the subject of a report on Democracy Now, ‘”Medical Apartheid”: Israeli Vaccine Drive Excludes Millions of Palestinians in Occupied Territories’, with Mustafa Barghouti:

4. Mental Health Professional Under Attack
Liz Berger describes how the witch hunting of pro-rights activists led to the targeting of qualifying psychotherapist Hammam Farah, and the interventions by the USA-Palestine Mental Health Network:

5. Recording of Café Palestine 19, with Munther Amira from Aida Refugee Camp

If you would like to make a donation to show solidarity and support to the people of Aida Camp, they are currently raising funds to help them get through this winter, on Just Giving, where you can read in more detail how your donation will be used –