Café Palestine Twenty on Sat 6 February

Café Palestine Twenty on Sat 6 February

15.45pm (UK time) / 17.45pm (Pal time)

Conversation with Prof Samah Saleh and Victoria Brittain

“Narratives of Palestinian Women Political Prisoners”

In her presentation for the first half of Cafe Palestine, Dr Samah Sameh will share her extensive research into the particular issues for Palestinian women prisoners, from arrest and interogation to incarceration and to their experiences after release. She has conducted interviews with women who were imprisoned at different periods from the 1970’s onwards which provide rich insights into the changes in women’s lives as well as within the political environment. In the second half, Victoria Brittain, who has written extensively on women and children in conflict zones as well as on the films of Mai Masri will introduce a brief extract from 3,000 Nights, a film by Mai Masri about women’s imprisonment. Victoria will discuss the making of the film. She and Samah will reflect on the issues arising from the film.

Samah Saleh is Associate Professor at An Najah University in Nablus where she is Head of Sociology and Social Work and Co-ordinator of Women’s Studies. Her doctorate research was on Experiences of Palestinian Women’s Incarceration in Israeli prisons

Victoria Brittain is a British writer and journalist who has written widely on Human Rights and Politics in the Middle East and beyond. She has been closely associated with UK Palestine Mental Health Network. Her most recent book is Love and Resistance in the films of Mai Masri

The Cafe will open with live music
at 3.45pm (UK time) / 5.45pm (Pal time)
The discussion will start at 4.00pm (UK time) / 6.00pm (Pal time)
The whole event is expected to last about 90 minutes


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ARABIC TRANSLATION AT CAFE PALESTINE: Throughout Cafe Palestine there will be a rolling Arabic text summary of the presentation, questions and answers available via Whatsapp. Please contact if you would like to be added to the Whatsapp Arabic translation group.


2. Should we be referring to Apartheid Israel?

B’Tselem has declared that Israel is an Apartheid State. While this has long been the conclusion of Palestinian and many independent assessments, this report from Israel’s largest human rights organisation marks a significant moment. See the report here:


The following links to an online discussion on this topic, and to a list of other important supplementary reports:


Details can also be accessed via our facebook page:

3. Makan Workshop: Palestinian Justice and Equality: Understanding Israeli Apartheid

Two day event offered by this excellent educational and campaigning group, weekend of 20th/21st February. For further details write to

4. Please help counter this attempt to censor Facebook:

Pro-Israeli lobby groups are pressurising Facebook to equate use of the word ‘Zionist’ with hate crime. Sign the petition to block this crude attempt to suppress free speech in the interests of an oppressive regime:

5. “Talk to Gaza: Living the History”

This Palestine Trauma Centre event takes place on Saturday 13 February with the staff from Gaza and the UK joined by Avi Shlaim, Emeritus Professor of International Relations, Oxford University. The flyer is attached below and the link will be circulated in the next mailing.

6. “Dardasheh” Saturday 20 February 4pm (UK) 6pm (Palestine)

The first informal ‘on the corner’ conversation had about 27 participants, bringing together Palestinian clinicians from within Palestine and in the diaspora, and allies from the UK and a number of other countries. The second one will be held on 20 February, watch out for future mailings for Zoom link etc.

7. Recording of Cafe Palestine 19

The recording of Café Palestine 19: a conversation with Munther Amira, Human Rights Defender from Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem – “Popular Resistance and the Refugee Experience” is now available: