Professor Salman Akhtar petition and NSPCC Day of Action update

1.    Please Sign this petition protesting Prof. Akhtar’s role in Israeli event

Dear Friend,

Please sign this petition organised by the USA-Palestine Mental Health Network protesting Dr. Salman Akhtar’s collaboration with the Tel Aviv Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis.

The USA-Palestine Mental Health Network supports the people of Palestine in their 70-year struggle to be free from the violence of the Israeli occupation.  We urge all health care professionals to recognize this struggle as part of a global initiative to defeat racism, colonialism, and injustice.  Like the historic South African boycott against apartheid, the people of Palestine have asked us to refuse to collude with Israeli organizations which implicitly support the status quo of Israeli apartheid ideology, and to decline to participate in their activities.

In April 2021 an online event offered by the Tel Aviv Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis features the well known American psychoanalyst Dr. Salman Akhtar as its Keynote speaker.  Regrettably, Dr. Akhtar has refused formal requests to withdraw from this event.

Sign the Petition

2.    NSPCC/JCB Day of Action

A report on the 4th March Day of Action is available here:
Watch out for further developments of the campaign challenging the NSPCC for accepting tainted financial contributions from JCB.