Dardasheh, Café Palestine 23, and ‘War on the Mind’ Conference

Dardasheh (street corner) informal meeting
Saturday 17 April
4pm (UK time) / 6 pm (Pal time)
An opportunity to drop in, to chat with colleagues and friends, share problems and news, and find support.

  1. Café Palestine: 1st May 3.45pm (UK) 5.45pm (Palestine)
    The 23rd Café will focus on administrative detention and the hunger strikes undertaken by Palestinian prisoners, and we are delighted that joining us to explore these issues will be Sahar Francis, Director of Addameer. Further information will be issued nearer the time. In the meantime, read this Guardian article by Sahar, published last month:
  2. War on the Mind Conference 15th May
    To commemorate Naqba Day, we are partnering with Bradford on Avon PSC in putting on a free, full day, online Conference with a panel of excellent speakers. Further information, and the link to obtain tickets:
  3. Other links:
    a) “Reimagining Childhood Studies: Childhood’s Refusals?” Scholars from Palestine (Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian), the USA (Fikile Nxumalo) and Argentina (Valeria Llobet) consider the implications of their research findings for academic approaches to the study of childhood.

b) “The Revival of People-to-People Projects: Relinquishing Israeli Accountability”
by Yara Hawari. A dry-sounding but important analysis of the way that narratives of dialogue and co-operation serve the interests of Israeli expansionism and Palestinian de-development. The rules by which international donors engage in Palestine is having detrimental impacts on Palestinian autonomy and agency, and on the vitality of the NGO sector, an issue that the UKPMHN will return to in future.

“… the Partnership for Peace Fund operates within epistemic frameworks that insist that the lack of cooperation, dialogue, and economic opportunities for Palestinians, are the main obstacle to peace between Palestinians and Israelis. This … is simply not true. The main obstacle to “achieving peace” is the Israeli regime’s violations of Palestinian rights for over seven decades, as well as the ongoing colonization of Palestinian land.”

  1. Cafe Palestine 22 recording
    The recording of Cafe Palestine with Professor Abdel Razzaq Takriti entitled
    “Living Liberation: Histories of Palestinian Anti-Colonialism Since 1948”