The Mind of the Occupier conference and other links

1. ‘The Mind of the Occupier: Dissident Israeli Voices’
Saturday 10th July 10am-1pm

(Simultaneous Arabic translation available: email to join)

ترجمه فوريه بالعربيه: ابعت ايميل الي 


2. Families Under Occupation

a) “The Effects of Home Demolitions on Children and Families”, presented by Teresa Bailey, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist at a recent ICAHD webinar.

b) A podcast with Gwyn Daniel
Gwyn Daniel discusses the impacts of trauma, political violence, and dislocation on family life, particularly for Palestinian families. Interventions are shared that aim to strengthen family and community connections and sustain hope in contexts of extreme suffering and despair.

c) ‘The law tearing Palestinian families apart
Samah Salaime discusses the controversial Citizenship Law tht is supposedly about maintaining Israel’s security. In reality, it’s a tool to engineer Israel’s population.

3. ‘Solution-focused practice in contexts of racism & colonialism
Guy Shennan is the author of ‘Solution-Focused Practice: Effective Communication to Facilitate Change’ (2019). In “Solution-focused practice in contexts of racism & colonialism” he discusses the implications of his commitment to “share (solution-focused practice) in solidarity with our communities and make (it) accessible to those most affected by social injustice”… and how this informs his collaborative work in Palestine.

4. Two Songs
M C Abdul: ‘Shouting at the Wall

Ana Alaraby: “The Story of Palestine in a Nutshell‘ قصة فلسطين باختصار

5. Recording of Cafe Palestine 26
The recording of “Testimonies from Palestine: Between Debilitation and Liveability: Part 2 Voices from Jerusalem” chaired by Professor Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian is available here.