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عيد مبارك
Happy Eid

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1. Dr. Shatha Odeh, Executive Director of the Health Works Committees Foundation (HWC) and the head of the steering committee of the Palestinian NGO Network (PNGO), has been detained. We join the Palestine Global Mental Health Network in demanding her immediate release. petition demanding her release has already received 11,000 signatures: sign hereFurther information on Dr Odeh’s arrest.

2. Repression and Resistance In Palestine

a) The Family Separation LawRamzy Baroud here clarifies the meaning behind the failure of the Family Unification Law to pass a vote in the Knesset: Family Separation Law: Israel’s Demographic War on Palestine Intensifies. This discriminatory law, part of ‘Israel’s demographic war on the Palestinians’, prevents Palestinians from marrying and living together, causing deep distress to thousands of families. It must be repealed.

b) ‘Beita is undefeatable’: popular resistance in the West BankA 13-minute film on the resistance of Beita residents to settlers attempting to steal their land, and Israeli’s lethal response to unarmed protest. ‘Beita is undefeatable’: Inside the struggle to save this Palestinian village from Israeli settlers’

c) ‘So They Knew We Existed’: Palestinian children reflect on the recent assault on Gaza A video published by the New York Times, containing footage shot on young people’s mobile phones. ‘So They Knew We Existed’: Palestinians Film War in Gaza
[May be slow to load but well worth watching]

3. How can I support this liberation struggle?

a) BDS? Listen here to Peter Beinhart interviewing Omar Barghouti, on BDS and Omar’s hopes for the future: The Beinart Notebook: Omar Barghouti on the BDS Movement at 16

b) How can I support this liberation struggle? – full of useful links…

c) Decolonize Palestine: an excellent resource…

d) The One Democratic State Campaign: an alternative approach to the future of Palestine/Israel, taking account of realities on the ground…

4. Recording of ‘The Mind of the Occupier’, 10 July 2021 webpage with links to the full recording, and the interval video clips separately, and to other works by the speakers and related articles.

5. Caabu and Medical Aid for Palestinians online report launch

Dealing with death and distress: The impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of Palestinian healthcare workers