Cafe Palestine 30 on Sat 20 Nov with Rania Madi “The Law – weapon of oppression, or of liberation?”

Cafe Palestine 30
Saturday 20th November
3.45pm (UK time) / 5.45pm (Pal time)

Rania Madi”The Law – weapon of oppression, or of liberation?”

1. Café Palestine with Rania Madi: The Law – weapon of oppression, or liberation?
2. Standing up for Palestinian Children on World Children’s Day, 20 November
3. Training on Prevent in Healthcare
4. Film
5. Recording of Café Palestine 29 

1. Café Palestine 30 with Rania Madi: ‘The Law – weapon of oppression, or of liberation?’

The Israeli Government has designated six leading NGOs as “terrorist organisations”, putting their crucial work in jeopardy. Our speaker, Rania Madi, is currently representing some of these NGOs at the international level. While adapting its own legal system to further the settler colonial process of dispossession, the Israeli regime holds international law in contempt, dismissing the Geneva Conventions, progressing with de facto annexations, killing and maiming civilians and destroying vital infrastructure with impunity. Its humanitarian obligations – for example, it is a signatory to the Convention on the Rights of the Child – are ignored where Palestinians are concerned. Within historic Palestine, discriminatory laws and ideologically-informed courts provide a thin veneer of legality to state crime. Apartheid itself is a crime under international law. How does Israel get away with it? We are delighted that Rania will share with us her thoughts about the potential use of the law as a contribution to the liberation of Palestine.    

Rania Madi is a senior legal consultant with many years’ experience representing the Palestinian case in international institutions, including the European Union and the United Nations. She is the United Nations Legal Advocacy Representative of Badil, the Resource Centre for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights. In March 2016, Rani submitted Badil’s report on the 2014 attack on Gaza to the International Criminal Court, and defended the report.

The Cafe will open with live music at 3.45pm (UK time) / 5.45pm (Pal time)
The discussion will start at 4.00pm (UK) / 6.00pm (Palestine)
The whole event is expected to finish at about 5.30pm (UK) / 7.30pm (Palestine)

 نوفر خدمة الترجمة إلى اللغة العربية في مقهى فلسطين لمن يحتاجون إلىها، سيكون هناك  ملخص حصري ومتداول باللغة العربية للعرض والأسئلة والإجابات
إذا كنت تحتاج إلى الترجمة إلى اللغة العربية، أرسل رسالة إلى الإيميل التالي
ستتوفر الترجمة من خلال الانضمام إلى مجموعة في تطبيق الواتساب 

ARABIC TRANSLATION AT CAFE PALESTINE: Throughout Cafe Palestine there will be a rolling Arabic text summary of the presentation, questions and answers available via Whatsapp. Please contact if you would like to be added to the Whatsapp Arabic translation group.

2. Standing up for Palestinian Children on World Children’s Day, 20 NovemberThis past year has marked devastating assaults on the children of Palestine; sixty seven were murdered in Gaza in May and fifteen on the West Bank and Jerusalem. Palestinian children, as well as being killed and incarcerated with impunity, have to endure conditions of constant fear as they try to exercise their right to normal childhood activities of school and play. We have assembled some especially powerful accounts of the suffering and the resistance of Palestinian children.

Our colleagues in Ireland have just sent this rich and detailed summary of all the presentations at the inspiring Palestinian Children: their right to a Safe and Just Future conference held in Dublin in late 2019.

We also include a recording of From Resilience to Resistance: The State of Children’s Health in the Occupied Palestinian Territory with presentations by Dr Jumana Odeh, (Palestine Happy Child Centre), Shaina Low (Defence for Children International) and Professor Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian (Hebrew University).

And the recording of last weekend’s excellent Under Siege and Under Bombs: Children’s Mental Health in Gaza (Access Passcode: q8fr3MG&) with Dr. Yasser Abu Jamei, Dr. Jasem Humeid, and Dr. Bill Slaughter.At the very time when children’s lives, liberties and safety are under such threat, Israel has decided to designate six Palestinian NGOs, including Defence for Children International Palestine – the only NGO which defends the human rights of children – as terrorist organisations.

Here is a link to a talk where the directors of the NGOs themselves discuss its meaning and implications: Israel’s Designation of Six Palestinian NGOs as “Terrorist”: Costs and Consequences Immediately after our Café Palestine ends, Defence of the Child International is screening the premiere of its short film Caging Childhood: Palestinian Children in Israel’s Military Detention System, with a discussion by an international advocate and human rights lawyer. 20th November at 6pm (UK), 8pm (Palestine).

Please continue to do all you can to protest this unlawful, autocratic assault on Palestinian civil society

3. Training on Prevent in HealthcareCloser to home, and also with some parallels in terms of stifling dissent and protest, here is a free training opportunity:  Alternative Trainings on Prevent in Healthcare. It is offered by MedAct after the health activist group identified that in the NHS there was a general lack of awareness about Prevent, how it operates and its impacts. Prevent, of course, has been one of the mechanisms by which the Government attempts to delegitimise solidarity with Palestine, particularly among young people. Wednesday 24 November from 6 to 7.30pm (UK).We hope you will find all the above helpful and informative in deepening understanding of the assaults on Palestinian children and those who stand up for their human rghts

4. Film:

a) Join the festival Queer Cinema for Palestine, from 11th-20th November, the “First Ever Global Queer Film Festival in Solidarity With Palestinian Rights”…

b) Small Screen: if you’re a subscriber to Netflix, go to ‘Search’ and enter “Palestinian“: find the award-winning films The Present and 3000 Nights, and much, much more.   

5. Cafe Palestine 29 recording

The recording of Cafe Palestine 29 is available here.