Wishing you a peaceful 2022. Plus Café Palestine 30 recording and other links…

1. Recording Café Palestine 30: “The Law – weapon of oppression, or of liberation?”
2.“Gaza Still Alive”: film and panel discussion 9th January2021
3. a deadly year for Palestinian Children: DCIP report plus testimony from Gaza
4. Ilan Pappe explains why accurately framing the situation in Palestine is essential

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 1. Recording Café Palestine 30: “The Law – weapon of oppression, or of liberation?” With senior legal consultant Rania Madi, recorded 30th November 2021The recording of Cafe Palestine 31 “Treating the war injured child in Gaza” with Surgeon Dr Ghassan S. Abu-Sittah, and Naji Naji, a Palestinian woundee will be available soon.

 2. “GAZA: STILL ALIVE”: A Virtual Film Showing/Panel
 January 9, 2022, at 3:00pm (New York) 8:00pm (London) 10:00pm (Jerusalem). Organised by Voices from the Holy Land, with the USA- and Palestine Global Mental Health Networks.

Click here to register and watch the film. Watch the film for free at your convenience, and join on January 9th for the panel discussion and Q&A. With Panelists Dr. Samah Jabr (Psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Head of the Mental Health Unit at the Palestinian Ministry of Health), Harry Fear (Independent journalist and maker of Gaza: Still Alive), moderated by Dr. Elizabeth Berger (Child Psychiatrist, founding/steering committee member of the USA Palestine Mental Health Network).

3. Focus on Children’s Experience of life under occupation during 2021
Defence of the Child International: “2021 is deadliest year for Palestinian children since 2014”This is the title of DCI-P’s report on child fatalities this year. As DCI spokesperson Ayed Abu Eqtaish states, “The international community’s lack of political will to hold Israeli officials accountable guarantees that Israeli soldiers will continue to unlawfully kill Palestinian children with impunity.”“Death is close for each of us”The words of a 13 year old child after the terrorist attack on Gaza in May this year. A selection of testimonies by parents and children collected by International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY Palestine), included in the article The Nightmares Palestinian Children Live.

4. Ilan Pappe: Accurate Framing of the situation in Palestine is essential

In a recent article, “On Haaretz: Can Settler Colonialism Be Liberal and Apartheid Be Progressive”, Ilan Pappe concludes that we can demand from liberal Zionists that they abandon their Zionism just as we expected white South Africans to abandon Apartheid. Two quotations from his piece:“Even the worst atrocity can be tolerated and explained, if it is de-contextualized – namely is not related to an ideology – and, thus, the discreet dots of Israeli criminality are not connected together to provide the full and truthful picture of the real intent of the settler-colonial project…”“There is no progressive settler colonialism, liberal ethnic cleansing or enlightened occupation. These are all forms of inhumanity that we should oppose in the name of humanity.”