Ahmad Manasra: update on the campaign for his release from Israeli prison

Dear friends and colleagues,

Update on Ahmad Manasra


We include a link to the latest update in the campaign to free Ahmad Manasra which has inspired so much support and solidarity world-wide. The petition for his release now has well over 300,000 signatures. We are convinced that now is the time to intensify the campaign. Ahmad is not free but his lawyer has been given permission to apply to the committee which has the power to release him because he has served two thirds of his sentence. We have just learnt that this is scheduled for 26 June. We know that pressure from the international campaign on behalf of Ahmad is achieving some results as it was mentioned at the court hearing on 13 April. Given the escalation of brutality towards Palestinians in Jerusalem, and the febrile state of Israeli politics we are under no illusions about the countervailing pressures. However Ahmad himself is gravely at risk both physically and psychologically and if ever there was a time to give him and his family all our support it is now. Although Ahmad has been the figurehead in this campaign, it is also of course being waged on behalf of all the 500-700 Palestinian children arrested and detained each year and the 160 children under the age of seventeen currently held in detention.

Please share the petition as widely as you can so that we can get to 500,000 signatures, please write to your MP, to the Israeli ministries listed and do send a card to Ahmad himself.