Pledge Signatories

In solidarity with the people of Palestine and to support our colleagues in Palestine who work under these extreme circumstances, we pledge:

* to “do no harm,” refusing to lend our support to activities which explicitly or implicitly normalize the occupation and justify Israel’s role in it

* to support and, where possible, to participate in acts of witnessing, documenting, and researching the experiences of the Palestinian people

* to support initiatives encouraging our professional groups and organizations to take a moral stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine


A. Patrikiou Psychotherapist UK
Abdalla Gazal Edu.&Psych Counseiing – Coordinator of Community Education Program and Volunteer students office – Community Action Center – alquds university Jerusalem
Águeda Parra Jiménez Profesora Titular de Universidad Spain
Aida Alayarian Clinical director UK
Aileen Mitchell Art Psychotherapist Scotland
Áine Hutchinson Psychotherapist Ireland
Alexander Donnaloja MH  SP worker UK
Alexis Ramsden Dramatherapist UK
Ali Ismail prof of psychiatry Egypt
Alice Harper Child counsellor UK
Alice Rothchild MD, as a physicians i am focused on human rights work which is the foundation of mental health USA
Alice Wiseberg Mental Health Attorney USA
Alicia Peña Suarez psicopedagoga Spain
Alison Goudie Student social worker UK
Alison Hill MH Student Support Worker UK
Almudena educadora social Spain
Amal Psychologist Palestine
Aman Society Center for Councelling and community Health – Support and provide counseling, treatment, psychological and social services for individuals and families who suffer from psychological and social problems Hebron- Palestine
Amanda Hon Psychotherapist and Trainee Psychotherapist/Supervisor UK
Amanda N. A. AlHusainat Psychologist Palestine
Amar Husain Mental Health Councelor USA
Amir Helper UK
Amy Alpert Speech Pathologist USA
Ana Belén Psicóloga, activista Spain
Ana Moreno psiquiatra Spain
Andrew Samuels Psychotherapist and Professor UK
Ángela Arredondo Conchillo Psicóloga Spain
Angelika Zitzelsberger-Schlez Psychoanalyst Germany
Angelo Barbato Psychiatrist Italy
Anita Timans Consultant psychiatrist UK
Ann Moriarty Clinical psychologist Ireland
Ann Shirazi Social Worker USA
Ann Simmons Psychotherapist USA
Anna Lyons-Roost Jungian Analyst LCSW, BCD USA
Anna Rose Retired Psychotherapist UK
Anne Crowley clinical pychologist UK
Anne M Jones psychotherapist with children & families UK
Annette Feld-Groag Practicing Psychoanalyst (A.P., New Lacanian School,  World Association of Psychoanalysis Israel
Annia Raja Clinical Psychology Ph.D. student USA
Ashley Macpherson Clinical Psychologist and International Public Health  Specialist Australia
Asuncion Moreno Psicóloga Spain
Athena Viscusi Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker USA
Aula Meki Clinical psychologist UK
Ayman abu sleem Clinical Psychologist Israel
Bahiashalom Psychotherapist USA
Balhag Najat psychologue clinicienne interculturelle France
Barbara Eisold psychologist USA
Basel El-Khodary Lecturer Palestine
Beatrice Millar Counsellor/psychotherapist UK
Begoña Aramayona Psicóloga social- Investigadora (UAM) Spain
Belinda Milani Family and Systemic Psychotherapist UK
Benedetto Saraceno Psychiatrist, university professor France
Bernice Laschinger Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist UK
Bettina Birmanns Physician Israel
Betty Roca Hubbauer psicológa comunitaria Spain
Bill Slaughter Psychiatry/Gaza Mental Health Foundation USA
Bill White Clinical Psychologist England
Bjørn Terje Bjugn Social Educator/therapist Norway
Borja Cabo Montes Psicólogo Spain
Brooke Maddux psychiatrist, psychoanalyst France
Brunel sympathisant France
Carmen Cabrillo García Psicóloga Spain
Carol Beck none UK
Carole Vincent Former Social worker, foster carer & health worker -retired UK
Cassini Josiane infirmière en psychiatrie France
Cathy Rostas Psychotherapist UK
Cees van Dijk Support Worker UK
Cerdic Hall Nurse Consultant – Primary Care UK
charlery psychiatre france
Charlotte Burck Honorary Consultant Systemic Psychotherapist UK
Charlotte Cooper RMHN | Cognitive Behavioural Psychothearpist UK
Cheryl Griffin Psychoanalyst USA
Chris Wise Psychotherapist UK
Christelle Madani Psychomotor Therapist/Trainee Dramatherapist Lebanon
Christine Schmidt Licensed Clinical Social Worker USA
Christine van Duuren Specialty Doctor in Psychiatry / Psychotherapy UK
Christopher Scanlon Consultant Psyxhotherapist and Visiting Professor, University of East London. UK
Clare Roskill Retired social worker and researcher UK
Claudia Psicóloga Mexico
Concepción Moreno Maldonado PDI en la Facultad de Psicología, Universidad de Sevilla, y Terapeuta Gestalt Spain
Cristian Vilches Psicologo Chile
Dalia Fakhouri LMSW USA
Dana Sharif Psychologyst Palestine
Dana-Jane Blair Psychotherapist Scotland
David Ingleby (Professor) Researcher Netherlands
David P Butler Dr David Phillip Butler. Psychoanalyst. São Paulo Brazil USA
David Senesh Psychotherapist and lecturer Israel
David Sperlinger Clinical Psychologist UK
David Williams Mental Health Social Worker UK
Deborah Berger Psychotherapist UK
Deborah Clarkson social worker UK
Deborah Hellerstein Phd psychotherapist  USA
Deborah Rubin LCSW, individual practice as psychotherapist USA
Deborah Ryding Social Wiork student/RMN UK
dejean martine pharmacienne france
Delia Lenzi Neurologist Psychotherapist Italy
Denise Marleyn Psychotherapist UK
Denisse Ochoa Professional Counselor USA
Derek Summerfield consultant psychiatrist UK
Dermot Reilly Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist UK
Desassis Nicole Psychologue France
Dharma Paul Psychotherapist UK
Diana Bass Psychotherapist UK
Diane Cunningham psychoanalytic psychotherapist UK
Diane Rankin, M.D Psychiatrist/Psychoanalyst USA
Dima Al Mekdad Research Analyst UK
Dina Ezzeddine MD USA
Dina Miqdadi Counselling psychologist Cyprus
Dorit Gurny psychotherapist Israel
Dr Alan Kessedjian Consultant Clinical Psychologist UK
Dr Carola Mathers Jungian Analyst UK
Dr Dale Mathers jungian analyst UK
Dr Ellen Levine Child Psychotherapist/Expressive Arts Therapist Canada
Dr Imran Waheed Clinical Director/Consultant Psychiatrist UK
Dr Jacqueline Blyth Clinical Psychologist England
Dr Muthanna Samara Associate Professor in Psychology UK
Dr Nadia Dabbagh Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist UK
Dr Teuta Rexhepi-Johansson Clinical Psychologist UK
Dr Zuhura Mahamed Clinical Psychologist U.K
Dr. Elana Lakh Art psychotherapist Israel
Dr. Hazem Nayef Ashour Chairman of mental health unit. MoH Palestine
Duneau Psychologue clinicienne France
duvergé psychiatre france
E Frischauf MD PLLC Psychiatrist USA
Eamon McMahon Systemic Psychotherapist, Reg. Supervisor N. Ireland United Kingdom
Einas saleem abu safa Mental health nurse  Palestine
EL Hassane Aghazzaf Social Worker USA
Elaine Wallace Reviewing Officer Scotland
Eleanor Hitchman Psychologist UK
Eleanor Roffman PSychologist USA
Eliana Pinto Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist UK
Elisa Covelo Psicologa especializada en Salud mental en Situaciones de Violencia política (GAC) Spain
Elizabeth Berger MD Child Psychiatrist USA
Elizabeth Grant Jungian Analyst UK
Elizabeth Zoob Clinical Social Worker USA
Ellen Weber Licensed Clinical Social Worker, BCD,DCSW USA
Emily white Counsellor UK
Emmanuel Kosadinos Consultant Psychi France
Enric Jordà Moscardó psiquiatra Spain
Erez Naar Social Worker Israel
Estela Vidal Dura Educadora social Spain
Esther Rapoport Clinical Psychologist Israel
Eva Ólafsdóttir Social Worker Iceland
Eva Svendsen Senioradvicer/socialworker Norway
Fabrice Olivier Dubosc analytical psychologist, ethnotehrapist Italy
Fatmah Shaban Social worker Ramallah
Federico Allodi Muñoz Médico Spain
Federmann Georges Yoram psychiatre libéral et en institution France
Felicity de Zulueta Consultant Psychotherapist UK
Ferdoos Alissa PhD in mental health and psychology Palestine
Fiona Kessedjian CPN UK
Fionnula MacLiam CBT therapist Ireland
Frances Gorman retired Mental Health Social Worker UK
Frank “Pancho” Valdez Social Worker (retired) USA
Gail Miller MSW, School Social Worker USA
Gary Duffield Psychiatrist UK
George Bunting Systemic Practitioner UK
Gerardine Garvey teacher/ Guidance Counsellor Ireland
Gina Dunstan psychotherapist UK
Glen Macklin Psychotherapist, Trainer and Clinical Supervisor UK
Gorczyca Psychiatre France
Guido Veronese PsyD, Family Therapy, PhD, Clinical Psychology, Assistant Professor Italy
Gunnbjorg Lavoll MD Psychiatrist USA
Guy Shennan Social worker UK
Gwyn Daniel Systemic Psychotherapist UK
Gwyneth Boswell (Professor) Academic UK
Habib Tiliouine Professor of Psychology and Educational Sciences Algeria
Hadassah Borreman Aide en privé Belgium
Hamada Hamid Altalib Psychiatrist USA
Hanna Kienzler Medical Anthropologist UK
Haya and el Qaeda massad Field coordinator Palestine
Hazar Hijazi Bibliotherapist Israel
Health Work Committees we provide mental health in school health program and in our clinics Palestine
Heba Zaphiriou-Zarifi Analytical Psychologist UK
Hector Aristizabal Psicologo Colombia
Hector Lamas Rojas Psicólogo Peru
Helga Busemann retired LMSW – counseling elderly USA
Hilary Lester Psychoanalyst UK
Ian Mc Cabe Clinical Psychologist /Jungian Child Analyst Ireland
Ibrahim A. Kira Director of  Center for Cumulative Trauma studies, and affiliate in Center for the Study of Stress, Trauma and Resiliency, Georgia State University USA
Ibtisam Adileh Super visor at Ymca Rehabilitation program Jerusalem
Ida Fairbairn psychotherapist UK
Ines Psicoóloga Spain
Ingeborg Horgen Skjønsberg Private practising psychoanalyst Norway
Ingvild Mundal War and Psychiatry Master student Norway
Irene psicòloga Spain
Irwin Z. Hoffman Psychologist/Psychoanalyst USA
Isabel Clarke Consultant Clinical Psychologist UK
Isobel Urquhart psychoanalutic psychotherapist UK
Itziar Psicologa Spain
Iyad Fahmi Alazzeh psychiatrist specialist. medical director at HCMHCCA. Palestine
J Hammad Psychotherapist UK
J. V. Fean Ex-diplomat UK
Jacqueline Conway Staff  Grade Psychiatrist UK
Jacqueline Devia Castro Trabajadora Social Colombia
Jaleh Gitiforoz Psychotherapist UK
Jamal Chiboub psychiatrist Morroco
Jamel Turky Psychiatrist Tunisia
Jamil Nasif Clinical Psychologist& Head of community mental health center/Salfit Palestine
Jancis Long Ph.D Steering Committee abd Past President of Psychologists for Social Responsibility USA
Jane Pennington Psychological Therapist Scotland
Jane Phillips Social worker UK
Janet Hislop Community paediatrician (retired) UK
Jean Thomson Jungian Psychotherapist UK
Jeff Mitchell Psychologist USA
Jemma Herbert social worker UK
Jennifer Edwards trainee social worker and mental health support worker UK
Jennifer McAlinden Case worker UK
Jennifer Tolleson PhD Psychotherapist in private practice USA
Jenny Heinz Private Practice – LCSW USA
Jentien Vermeulen MD Netherlands
Jeremy Weinstein Psychotherapist UK
Jesús Alonso Valera Psicólogo especialista en intervención psicosocial y salud mental comunitaria Spain
Joan Glickman MSN psychotherapist USA
Joanna Nasrallah Speech and language therapist Lebanon
John Henry Psychotherapist UK
John Heywood Retired Generic Social Worker UK
John Soos PhD Clinical Psychologist Canada
John Van Eenwyk Clinical Psychologist USA
John Waide psychoanalyst USA
Jon Blend Psychotherapist UK
Jordi Cornet psicologo Spain
Joseph Zamaria Psy.D. Psychologist USA
Juan Carlos Volnovich Psicoanalista Argentina
Julia Granville Systemic Family Psychotherapist UK
Julia Nelki Child Psychiatrist UK
Juliana Farha Student UK
Julie Ward MEP Mental Health Ambassador, European Parliament UK
Kailey Enayati Doctor  of Physical Therapy USA
Karim Dajani Psychoanalyst USA
Kate White Psychotherapist UK
Kath Rockliff Mental Health worker UK
Kathryn Goodman Social Work Graduate,  National Taiwan University New Zealand
Kelly Jordan Dramatherapist UK
Khalil Wahdan social worker Palestine
Khawla Al Azraq Psycho Social Counseling Center for women {PSCCW} Director Palestine
Khenati psychologist France
Konstantina Social Worker Greece
Kristin Rosenberg Clinical Psychologist Norway
Lama Odeh Psychosocial Consultant Free-lancer Palestine-Ramallah
Lamis Ghareeb Out reach educational Coordinator. Caritas Baby Hospital Palestine
Lana M. Ackaway, LCSWR NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Psychoanalyst and NYS (and International) CASAC USA
Lára Pálsdóttir DBT-therapist Iceland
Lara Sheehi Licensed Clinical Psychologist USA
Laura Gamble mental health support worker UK
Laurence Baldwin Mental Health Nurse UK
Leigh Morgan Psychotherapist UK
Lelio Bonanno psicologo Italy
Lene Meyer Andersen Psychiatrist Denmark
Libby Kerr Psychotherapist/University Counsellor UK
Lillian Rosengarten Psychotherapist , Activist for the end of the Israeli occupation USA
Linda Shampan Psychotherapist UK
Lior Gilad Clinical Psychologist Israel
Liz Eddwards Psychotherapist UK
Liz Grant Jungian Analist UK
Lopez Allain Sympathisant France
Lucie Greenblum Psychiatrist/Psychoanalyst USA
Lynda Tait Chartered Scientist/Psychology UK
Lynette Hughes Retired Psychoanalytic Wales, UK
Lynne Layton Psychoanalyst USA
Lynne Segal Professor UK
M Brinton Lykes Profesora, Psicologia Comunitaria y Cultural EU
M Errington None UK
Mabrouka Bouzidi Evans Wellbeing psychologist UK
Madeleine Head of Workplace Wellbeing Programmes at Mind UK
Magdi Awad N/A USA
Maggie Schaedel Consultant Lead Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist UK
Mane Kumria Counsellor UK
Manuel Desviat Psycchiatry Spain
Manuela Silva Psychiatrist Portugal
Maria Catterall Community mental health nurse UK
María Celia Robaina Psicóloga Uruguay
Maria González Hidalgo Psiquiatra Spain
Maria Jose Lera dr. psychologist, university professor Spain
María José Lucea Pío Psicóloga Spain
María Solé Sugrañes psicologa Spain
Marie Breen-Smyth Professor UK
Marilyn K. Silverman Cliical social worker (ret) USA
Marion Winslow Psychotherapist. UK
Marjorie Scheer LCSW USA
Marta Psicólogo Spain
Marta-Josefa Martin Gonzalez socióloga en madrid españa Spain
Martin Jean-Pierre Psychiatre service public France
Martin Kemp Psychoanalyst UK
Martin Weegmann Consultant psychologist and group analyst UK
Marwan Diab Rehabilitation specialist -Public Relations Director Palestine
Mary Adams psychoanalyst UK
Mary Nielsen Psychiatrist USA
Maryann Barone-Chapman Psychoanalyst UK
Maximilien Zimmermann Psychologist Belgium
Mayte Gómez Counsellor Spain
Mazen Hedar Presedent of Syrian Arab association of psychiatry Syria
Mercier Marcelle save human lifes France
Merna psycho-social worker Palestine
Michael Foulkes Consultant Family Psycotherapist UK
Michael McManus social worker UK
Mike Shallcross Psychotherapist UK
Mildred Urdaneta Psicóloga Venezuela
Mohammad Al Qaisy Projects Coordinator Palestine
Mohammed Mukhaimar Psychotherapist and founder of Sumud Palestine UK-Palestine
Mouna Kebir Tio Psicóloga Spain
Murielle Paulette Khadidja * France
Nabil Sayed-Ahmad Beiruti Psiquiatra Spain
Nader AL Hussein Therapeutic care Volunteer, Psychology student and BPS member UK
Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian Professor of Criminology and Social Work Jerusalem
Nadia Ramzy Psychoanalyst USA
Nadir Khan Community Link Worker (Together) UK
Nafeesa Nizami Psychotherapist & PhD Researcher UK
Nahida Al Arja Assistant professor Palestine
Nancy Caro Hollander Clinical Member,  Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California USA
Naomi Woodspring associate lecturer, counseling psychology UK
Nardine Khalil Dramatherapist Palestine/UK
nasim Aouant nurse UK
Nasser Hamamrah Ab Palestine
Nayla Mahmood Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner UK
Nelly Marzouka PSICOLOGA CLINICA Chile
Nicola Saunders Psychotherapist UK
Nida Sharia Mental health trainer Palestine
Niveen Teriaqi social work Jerusalem
Noa bar haim Psychiatrist Israel
Noushaba Nas social activist India
Ofra Bloch Psychoanalyst/Clinical social worker USA
Ola Ashi MSc War and Psychiatry UK
Olive Daniele psychiatre France
Othman Mohammad Psychiatrist USA
Öznur Acicbe Psychologist Turkey
Palestinian Counseling Center Mental Health Organization Palestine
parenthoen art-thérapeute france
Patricia Geier Licensed Clinical Social Worker USA
Paul Atkinson psychotherapist UK
Paul Solomon Psychotherapist New Zealand
Pavlou Evanthia Psychopedagogue-Psychanalyste Greece
Peter Alan Foley Counselling Psychologist UK
Peter James Gray Family Therapist UK
Peter Kent-Baguley Campaigner for justice for Palestinians UK
Peter Martin social worker LMSW USA
Peter Offord Art Therapist (retired) UK
Peter Wilson Retired Head of Safeguard UK
Philip Hewitt Psychotherapist UK
phyll zuberi MD USA
Ploumpidis Dimitris Professor of Psychiatry Greece
Quéniart Pascal aide soignant France
Rachel Ambrose CAMHS Nurse United Kingdom
Rachel Young Director Banbury Therapy Centre UK
Radwan Banimustafa associate professor Jordan
Raed Naim Amira I am Social worker Palestine
Ragnhild Aarrestad Psychiatrist, psychiatric clinic,Telemark,Norway Norway
Ramon Soto Psicólogo Comunitario Puerto Rico
Raquel Llorca Psicologa Spain
Rebecca Fadil Psychotherapist USA
Regina Burattin care manager UK
Reima Ana Maglajlic Senior Lecturer in Social Work UK
Rev. Ellen M. Frith, M.Div. Minister/Chaplain/Mental Health USA
Revd Dr Sue Walrond-Skinner I am a retired Family and Marital Psychotherapist UK
Riad Arar social worker Palestine
Richard Allam Mental Health Social Worker and Approved Mental Health Professional UK
Richard Bagnall-Oakeley Psychotherapist UK
Richard M. Waugaman, M.D. Psychoanalyst; Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Georgetown University of Medicine USA
Richard Tan Psychoanalytic psychotherapist UK
Rita Karuna Cahn, LCSW Psychotherapist/Licensed Clinical Social Worker USA
Riva Joffe psychotherapist UK
Rivka Warshawsky Psychoanalyst Israel
Robert Jenkins Retired psychotherapist UK
Robin Brown Psychotherapist UK
ROBLET Psychothérapeute France
Rod Cox Curator of an Exhibition Art by Gaza Children UK
Roger Gordon Retired Social Worker and Psychotherapist UK
Rose Baring Psychotherapist UK
Royet Amine Que leurs droits soit respectés France
Ruchama Marton psychiatrist Israel
ruglio infirmière France
Rukyya Hassan Psychiatrist (registrar) UK
Ruth Ben Asher Clinical Psychologist ישראל
Ruth Fallenbaum psychologist USA
Ruth Williams Psychoanalyst UK
Sagal Mohamed Counsellor UK
Said Shehadeh Clinical Psychologist/Assisstant Professor, Birzeit University Palestine
Salam Issa Psychology Palestine
Salley May Psychiatric social worker USA
Salma Yaqoob Engagement Lead Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust UK
Samah hindi Psychologists Palestine
Samah Jabr Psychiatrist Palestine
Samantha Rodgers Social Worker for adults UK
Sara Qandil Medical student UK
Sara Willott Clinical Psychologist England
Sarah Cooke Jungian Psychoanalyst – UK UK
Sarah Sturge Social Worker UK
Selwa Othman General Practitioner Belgium
Shaban Fadl DR. (PhD mental health , EMDR,  CBT Libya
Shane Scott Psychotherapist UK
Sharman Michaelson Clinical Social Worker USA
Shazad Amin Consultant Psychiatrist UK
Sheila Bentley Community worker (Mental Health) UK
Shelley Maxwell student in clinical Psychology program USA
Sherri Meese Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist / Mental Health Nurse UK
Sigrun Reilly Counsellor/therapist UK
Simon Blair IAPT Psychotherapist UK
Simon Duncan psychotherapist nhs UK
Sissy Lykou Psychotherapist, Dance Movement Psychotherapist UK
Smadar Ben-Natan PhD student, Tal-Aviv University (Law) Israel
Soleman Abu Bader Researcher USA
Souvay Nicole Psychologue France
Stefania Williams Psychotherapist/Counsellor UK
Stephen Glover Community Learning Facilitator UK
Stephen Mendel Semi retired social worker UK
Stephen Portuges Psychologist/Psychoanalyst USA
Stephen Soldz Psychologist/psychoanalyst; Professor, Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis; Past-president, Psychologists for Social responsibility USA
Steven Botticelli Psychologist/psychoanalyst USA
Stuart Morgan-Ayrs Psychoanalyst and Psychotherapist Scotland
Sue Platt Psychotherapist UK
Sumayya Ahmed social worker UK
Sunny Gordon Bar Dr Clinical Psychologist and Coach Israel
Susan L. Williams, PhD Psychologist USA
Susan Landau clinical social worker, MSS USA
Susan Talbot Approved Mental Health Professional UK
Susannah Crump Counsellor in Private Practice UK
Susanne Levin Psychotherapist UK
Suzanne Keys counsellor UK
Sylvia Velasquez Coordinafor de voluntarios UK
Tala Ghantoua LCSW Mental health worker USA
Tamara Qumseya Phd candidate in cross-cultural psycology at Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand
Tamara Rego Ribeiro Psicóloga Clínica Spain
Tanya Rentz Marriage, Family Therapist (retired) USA
Tanya Talukdar social worker UK
Tasha Zacune Mental Health Social Worker UK
Teresa Bailey Child Psychotherapist UK
Terry Bamford Secretary, social perspectives network UK
Thomas M Clancy Clinical Social Worker USA
Tomic stabiliser et aidé les travailleurs France
Toni Hellmann LCSW, Psychoanalyst USA
Tova Buksbaum Senior Clinical Psychologist Israel
Tracy Ramsey University Professional Tutor UK
Unaiza Niaz Professor of psychiatry Pakistan
Unni Krogstad Researcher Norway
Uri Hadar Clinical psychologist Israel
Vera O’Shea CAMHS Practitioner: MA Thereapeutic Methods; RMN; CQSW:PSW: DIP Co UK
Verity Elson Mental Health Social Worker UK
Virginie Cadot Historienne France
Viv Parker Freelance child advocate UK
Wahiba Abu-Ras Associate Professor, Social work USA
Wendy Forrest Registered Nurse Canada
William Bewley Psychiatrist United States
William Dienst MD Primary care and ER physician USA
Wissam Al Sayeh Clinical Psychologist Palestine
Y. M. Abuyacoub Doctor Palestine
Yael Tal-Barzilai psychologist, member of Psychoactive (mental health workers for human rights) Israel
Yara Steel Counsellor UK
Yoad Ghanadry Clinical Psychologist Palestine
Yvonne Ridley Observer/journalist Scotland
Zamyra Abdel Hady LCSW USA
Zeina Abourousse Educational Psychologist Lebanon
Zeina Amro PhD candidate- King’s College London UK
الاء نصري صلاح احصائية اجتماعية Palestine
حسام كناعنة psychologist / psychotherapist Palestine
ذياب احمد حميد أبوريش mental health Palestine