Cafe Palestine 10

Café Palestine Ten from Nazareth with Dr Mustafa Qossoqsi, Nazareth Hospital

“Notes on an intimate disaster: Nakbah in the Clinic and Beyond”

In his presentation, Mustafa spoke about his understanding of the meaning of Nakbah and its profound impact on the political, social and psychological lives of Palestinians over the generations.He described the intimately connected ways in which the Nakbah enters into individual consciousness and relationships, some of the dilemmas this creates and he provided examples from his clinical practice.
The Chair’s introduction is poor quality in the zoom call. This is a summary of what she said:
“Welcome to Cafe Palestine Number Ten. Arriving at this milestone gives us pause to reflect on what a storehouse of rich, informative, enlightening and challenging presentations we have accumulated since Cafe Palestine first opened its doors in April. As well as providing a context in which Palestinian clinicians, researchers, social activists and academics can demonstrate their work, it is crucially a way for practitioners outside Palestine to inform ourselves and thus develop more confidence in our advocacy. The more informed we are, the more we can dig down into ( to borrow Mustafa’s phrase) the series of ongoing,’intimate disasters’ that are the consequence of settler colonial oppression. Thus the more bold and unafraid we can be in speaking out – in our professional organisations, in trade unions, in all the contexts in which we want to – and indeed are ethically bound to – express solidarity; not just through empathy but through action.”

An Arabic summary of the discussion is available here (a summary of the presentation will be added when it is available)

Mustafa read a poem “Modifying Some Settings of the Smart Phone’s Camera” in Arabic. The Arabic and English versions of this poem, please a second poem “The Drowned Report” are available here:

Modifying Some Settings on the Smart Phone Camera arabic

Modifying Some Settings on the Smart Phone Camera english

The Drowned Report arabic

The Drowned Report english

Cafe Palestine Ten started with music from the Edward Said National Conservatory for Music in Bethlehem organised in association with PalMusic UK