Cafe Palestine 27

“The Challenges and Dilemmas facing mental health care activists
during the last assault on Gaza
(and the violent responses to protest in other parts of Palestine)”

with Rozeen Marjieh educational psychologist and mental health care activist, member Palestine Global Mental Health Network

Drawing on her experiences in responding to the impact of recent events on the psychological well-being of children and teachers in particular, Rozeen described some of the novel community initiatives undertaken by Palestinian mental health workers in response to the May crisis. She questioned whether mainstream psychological models of care are appropriate and helpful in meeting the needs of the Palestinian community, arguing the need to model our work instead on the teachings of liberation psychology. Giving examples from her work within 48 Palestine, she addressed questions of normality and abnormality, oppression and depression, and the the need to support feelings of agency.

The Cafe opened with live music from Katrina Nahhas playing violin