Cafe Palestine 21

Cafe Palestine Twenty One

Featuring short film followed by a presentation by Sawsan, the UK Advocacy Officer of Defence for Children International – Palestine, and a contribution from an ex-child detainee

“Children behind bars: Palestinian Child Prisoners”

This Cafe Palestine highlighted the repeated and systematic breeches of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child by Israel through its cruel and cynical policy of detaining Palestinian children. Every year, on average, Israeli Military Courts prosecute between 500-700 Palestinian children. Children as young as 12 years old are arrested and detained. The most common charge is stone throwing.



Call for Papers: Gaza Community Mental Health Programme

8th International Conference

“Mental Health in Gaza Strip: An Area Populated by Refugees” (Online Conference)
7-8-9 June 2021
Palestine – Gaza Strip

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The following video is taken from Cafe Palestine 21 and features Dr Yasser Abu Jamei from the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme talking about the conference