Cafe Palestine 18

Café Palestine Eighteen with Remal Salah and Dima Tadros from the Palestinian Counseling Centre

“Broken Homes, Broken Families: supporting families whose homes have been demolished”

The last Café Palestine of 2020 focused on the destruction of people’s homes that so epitomise the brutal nature of Israel’s control of Palestine and its people. We welcomed Remal Salah and Dima Tadros from the Palestine Councelling Centre to discuss the support they provide to families who have experienced this unimaginable assault. The meeting was chaired by Linda Ramsden, Director of ICAHD-UK.

Broken Homes” is a report prepared by PCC in conjunction with Save the Children:

Explore the icahd website for analysis, statistics, activism and videos on the subject of home demolitions. .

We are scared all the time, just scared, all the time scared”:

During the Cafe, Remal spoke and answered questions in Arabic followed by English translation. Two versions of the Cafe video will be posted here. The first one is in English only (i.e. the English contributions and the English translation of Remal’s contributions) and is intended for non-Arabic speakers:

The second version is the full Cafe with both English and Arabic speakers:

The Cafe started with music from the Edward Said National Conservatory for Music, Jerusalem branch organised with the assistance of PalMusic UK