Cafe Palestine 7

Cafe Palestine Seven from Nazareth with Nabila Espanioly
“Violence against Palestinian Women: an intersectional struggle”

Nabila Espanioly spoke about the multiple challenges facing Palestinian women, within a patriarchal society, under occupation, and with the additional pressures created by the pandemic.
Cafe Palestine Seven music

The Cafe opened with live music from from Gaza organised with PalMusic UK featuring a father and daughter duo, Mohammed and Reema Al-Habbash playing oud and qanun.

Here is the translation of the Fairuz song sung by Reema and a link to the original version:

My mother retired early to sleep.
My father locked the gate.
But I sneaked out of the window
And attended the singles’ party.
My window is still open and the curtain flutters,
My window is still open and the curtain flutters.
If my parents find out my absence
Oh my! W will happen to me?
What will happen to me, Oh my!
If my parents find out my absence?
Oh, tall rosebush, only worrying about yourself
Your thorns have caught my dress.
Now what shall I tell my mother?
What shall I tell my mother
Now that your thorns
Have caught my dress?
(Translation: Heba Zaphiriou-Zarifi)