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  • To raise the issue of Palestine and the oppression of the Palestinians within UK mental health services and professional organisations. To present a perspective based on the application of international law, universal and democratic principles and anti-racist practice.
  • To develop close links of equality and solidarity with Palestinian mental health organisations and individuals involved in mental health care, to ensure that the work of the Network reflects their experiences and priorities.
  • By developing our knowledge and understanding of the links between the politics of Palestine/Israel and the psychological well-being of the Palestinian people, to be in a position to contribute to the national debate about the issue. To develop an understanding of the ideological background to Israeli policies towards the Palestinian people.
  • To encourage our colleagues individually and collectively to consider their response to the Palestinian call for boycott, sanctions and divestment (BDS).

Who are we?

The UKPMHN was launched at a meeting of sixty emental health workers in London in April 2014. There is more information in the report of the launch:  Report Launch Meeting 2nd April 2014

The activities of the UK Palestine Mental Health Network (UKPMHN) are coordinated by a Steering Group of concerned mental health professionals who contribute their time voluntarily.

Decisions are made on a consensus basis. UKPMHN does not hold money or handle other resources. If you agree with the Aims of the group and wish to be actively involved, please contact us at:


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