Cafe Palestine 9

Cafe Palestine Nine from Arabeh in Galilee with Hussam Kana’na from the Palestinian Counseling Center

Hussam discussed his research on the psychological impact of the practice by Israeli authorities of delaying the return to their families of bodies of Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces.

Hussam read his paper and then there was a discussion. The paper is available:

English: Hussam Kanana English

Arabic: Hussam Kanana Arabic

Hussam replied in Arabic to questions in the discussion section. An informal, on-the-fly summary of what he said was provided during the Cafe and is available in the recording. A complete translation of Hussam’s replies was produced after the event with timestamps for each question. This includes more detail than the summary and is available here:

Translation of discussion: CP9 Discussion

Cafe Palestine Nine started with music from Gaza featuring Dr. Ismael Daoud, Teacher of Oud and professor in music theory, followed by Natalie Tarazi on piano and Juliana Redwan on violin.

The PalMusic UK Facebook page provides further information about the current threat facing cultural institutions in Jerusalem and the text of a statement from Suhail Khoury, General Director, National Conservatory of Music: