Cafe Palestine 13

Café Palestine Thirteen with Muna Khalidi from Lebanon

“Mental health in the Palestinian camps in Lebanon”

Muna Khalidi Ph.D. is the VP of the Board of Beit Atfal as-Somoud where she oversees the mental health program.  She discussed difficulties faced by Palestinians in Lebanese refugee camps and the impact on their mental health.

To visit the website of The National Institution of Social Care and Vocational training (NISCVT) known as Beit Atfal Assumoud (BAS), including an option to donate, click here

Experts from a video that Muna was involved in producing were played during the Cafe. A link to the full video “We cannot go ther now, my Dear” plus a second video are available here.

We cannot go there now, my Dear: on the Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria to Lebanon
Password: My dear_A/E
Stitching Palestine: Palestinian women on dispossession and identity
Password: StitchingPalestine2018

The Cafe started with music from two students at the Edward Said National Conservatory for Music in Gaza. Kareem played trumpet and Rima playing the ney, a flute-like instrument. Unfortunately, the sound quality of the link with Gaza was not good. Here is a link to a better recording of Kareem playing the same piece: