Cafe Palestine 26

“Testimonies from Palestine: Between Debilitation and Liveability: Part 2 Voices from Jerusalem”

The Cafe was chaired by Professor Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian herself a resident of occupied East Jerusalem.

The Café continued exposure of the matrix of power that produces racialised exclusivity, and the harsh realities of settler colonial state violence. Testimonies from Palestine Part 2 featured colleagues and activists from Occupied Jerusalem. The speakers shared their perspectives and experiences, offering us further insights into the brutality of the Zionist state’s constant debilitations and attempts at dispossession, while evidencing Palestinians’ power to open new alternatives of liveability, against oppression and the assault on hope. In bearing witness, they refused the attempt to nullify Palestinian lives and to silence Palestinian voices.
The residents of Jerusalem who spoke were:

Sharihan Hanoun: Mental health worker evacuated from Sheikh Jarah
Qoutayba Odeh: Resident of Al Bostan neighbourhood in Silwan under the threat of eviction
Ratiba Natsheh:  Feminist activist, a member of the Jerusalemite Women Coalition
Dina Naser- Health Professional
Zack Sabella – Economic Development Specialist from East Jerusalem

The Cafe opened with live music by three musicians and brothers from Silwan featuring Canaan Ghoul playing the oud. Shortly before the performance the instruments of the three musicians were confiscated by the Israeli police so the performance took place with instruments that they had borrowed.