Cafe Palestine 16

Café Palestine Sixteen with Professor Nihaya Daoud from the Public Health Association in the Arab Society in Israel

“Health inequity and discrimination before and during Covid-19: the case of 48 Palestinians”

Nihaya Daoud is Professor of Public Health. She specialises in health policies, health inequalities and discrimination. She has researched minority and womens health and the effects of violence against women. She spoke about the impact of Covid 19 on deepening health inequalities and the specific effects on the Palestinian population in Israel in the context of prolonged institutional discrimination.

For papers by Prof. Nihaya Daoud, please see:

The Cafe started music from the Bethlehem branch of the Edward Said National Conservatory for Music. As always we are grateful for the assistance of PalMusic UK in arranging this event. The music featured three performances featuring a solo violin, a qunitet of qanun players, and a solo flautist