Special Issue of “Psychoanalyst Activist” on the Nakba

In 1948, Zionists forcibly dispossessed 700,000 Palestinians from their homes. This catastrophe is known as the Nabka.

The Psychoanalyst Activist, the online newsletter for Section IX, Psychoanalysts for Social Responsibility, issues a special edition commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Nakba and the ongoing dispossession of Palestinians from their land. The issue is edited by Lara Sheehi.

The following articles can all be found at this link:


Dr. Lara Sheehi
Introduction to the Special Edition: 70th Anniversary of the Nakba

Dr. Mustafa Qossoqsi
Modifying Some Settings on the Smart Phone’s Camera

Christine Schmidt LCSW
The Nakba in Brooklyn: Hidden in Plain Sight

Lama Khouri LCSW
It was a Warm April Day in 1948 in Jerusalem

Martin Kemp
Slouching Towards Salem: Reflections on Zionism and the “New Anti-Semitism”

Hala Alyan

Elizabeth Berger, Rebecca Fadil, Samah Jabr, and Christine Schmidt
Resistance as Conversation – the 2019 IARPP Conference in Israel and the Actions in Protest

Hammam Farah
The Oasis City: A Struggle of Profound Loss and the Struggle to Persevere

Dr. Caesar Hakim
Prisoners of Narcissism

Manal Abu Haq
Nakba as Stubborn Trauma

Shadi Zaqtan

Jehan Bseiso
Bint Nakba