NSPCC-JCB campaign

This page provides information about the NSPCC-JCB campaign.

From the UKPalMHN letter to NSPCC:

“We feel that it is scandalous that the NSPCC, a charity which campaigns for the welfare of children, is accepting funds from a company complicit in crimes against children; crimes which destroy their homes, their lives and their communities.

The NSPCC should be providing support to traumatised children wherever they live. It should advocate for children’s rights and inform the world of the terrible cost to children of Israel’s human rights abuses of families in Palestine.

However, instead of calling for the protection of children and despite NSPCC receiving detailed information about JCB’s complicity in Israel’s house demolitions, a strand of the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine, it continues to accept money from JCB.”

UKPalMHN letter to NSPCC


Derek Summerfield letter to the NSPCC protesting JCB connection, and the NSPCC’s response:

D Summerfield to NSPCC & its response – Oct 2020


Guardian publishes letters protesting the NSPCC’s acceptance of JCB donations:

Guardian publishes letters protesting the NSPCC