NSPCC Christmas letter 2022

Apparently if children write to Santa via the NSPCC they will get an answer. So we have used that information to write a letter from an imaginary Palestinian child. It makes the point about the toxic relationship between the charity and its donor JCB.

We thought it would be great if as many copies of the letter flooded into the inboxes of NSPCC trustees and officers before Christmas. You could use the letter we have written (COPIED BELOW) a modified form of it or a completely original letter of your own to one, more or all of them.

It would great to do the whole thing on December 6, the feast day of Saint Nicholas aka Santa Claus, but any day you can manage would be excellent.

here are the addresses of the principal officers and all the trustees of the NSPCC and some of them use twitter – see below

Josephine.Swinhoe@NSPCC.org.uk   director of income generation

Peter.Wanless@NSPCC.org.uk          chief executive        @peterwanless

David.Hamilton@NSPCC.org.uk      director of communications and marketing

Claire.Watt@NSPCC.org.uk        director of services

Neil.Berkett@NSPCC.org.uk         chair of trustees        @neilberkett

Mark.Corbidge@NSPCC.org.uk     treasurer

 j.begent@nhs.net                            @jobegent9


other trustees using same email format


Elizabeth Brash

Peter Daffern

Eithne Daly                         @eithnedaly

Pippa Gough                        @pippagough

Ife Grillo                           @ifetalksback

Albert Heaney

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Tarek Khlat

Derrick Mortimer

Sheanna Patelmaster                 @5h34nn4

Sarah Ridgway

Tom Toumazis                      @tomtoumazis

Emma Smyth

Dear Santa

My name is Leila and I live in Bethlehem. Most people in the city are Muslims but my family is
Christian – however at this time of year we all celebrate Christmas! Everybody loves the enormous
Christmas tree set up in Manger Square and all my school friends wish me “Happy Christmas!” Of
course we wish them “Happy Eid” when it’s their turn and we all share the special foods in each
other’s tradition.

I have heard that children in the UK write to you via the NSPCC which helps children who are
suffering from cruelty and that if they use this charity, you will write back to them so I am sending
you my wish.

Please can you give my cousin Nabil a new house? A big yellow bulldozer knocked down his house
last week. The soldiers said they had to destroy the house to make way for a new Israeli settlement
and that the whole village is in the way.

It’s getting cold and rainy now and Nabil is living under a plastic sheet near the rubble. His baby
sister Maysun suffers from asthma and it’s hard to get her to hospital because of the checkpoints. So
I’m very worried about what will happen to them as the winter goes on.
My teacher told me that the company that makes the bulldozers gives money to the NSPCC but I am
sure that must be a mistake. A charity which prevents cruelty to children wouldn’t take money from
a company which made my cousins homeless, would it?

Anyway Santa my best present would be a new home for Nabil and Maysun

With love from Leila

ps I have been a good girl this year