Café Palestine 34: Bedouins of the Naqab: resisting erasure in ’48 Palestine on FRIDAY 27 MAY at 3.45 pm (UK) / 5.45pm (Pal) plus Red Clinic event

Café Palestine 34
Bedouins of the Naqab: Resisting erasure in ’48 Palestine

Friday 27th May 3.45pm (UK time) / 5.45pm (Pal time)
Please note change from our usual day
The Cafe will open with live music at 3.45pm (UK time) / 5.45pm (Pal).
The discussion will start at 4.00pm (UK) / 6.00pm (Pal).
The whole event is expected to finish at about 5.30pm (UK) / 7.30pm (Pal).

Bedouins of the Naqab: resisting erasure in ’48 Palestine

The Café will be chaired by Einas Haj (Behavioral therapist and psychologist). Einas will be joined  by Huda Abu O’beid (Bachelor of Laws LLB): Shireen Abu Bader (Psychotherapist and Counseling Psychologist); and Professor Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian.

This Café will shed light on the reality of life for Palestinian Bedouins of the Naqab, the southern lands colonised in 1948, where the struggle against ethnic displacement continues on a daily basis. Over half of the 160,000 Naqab Bedouins reside in “unrecognized villages”, whose residents the Israeli government is trying to push into government-planned urban centers that disregard their lifestyle and needs. Although nominally Israeli citizens, they are denied basic services and infrastructure. Whole communities have been issued with demolition orders, and their villages are regularly bulldozed as part of a policy of Judaization. Palestinian Bedouin communities have been subject to systematic dispossession and economic de-development. The struggle to remain on the land has resulted in intensifying State oppression

We shall hear from academics and clinicians working in the Naqab, who will discuss the legal, social and psychological aspects of this situation.

Chair- Einas Odeh Haj: Certified psychotherapist from Nazareth. Working at private practice with adults and adolescents. Coordinator of the Liberation Psychology program at Mada al-Carmel, the Arab Center for Applied Social Research in Haifa and its former associate director. She holds a masters degree in educational counselling and a post graduate diploma in psychotherapy from the Department of Psychology at Haifa University. Member of ITA, the Israeli Association for Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy. Social and political activist. Concerned with the psychosocial well-being of Palestinian individuals and community.

Huda Abu O’baid: The coordinator of the lobby at the Negev Coexistence Forum. She holds a BA in Middle Eastern and Feminist Studies, and a BA in Law. An activist interested in human rights issues in the Negev, she is one of the initiators of the “Prawer will not pass” campaign against the Prawer Plan for the mass displacement of Palestinian Bedouin communities from the Negev.

Shereen Abu Bader:  Shereen works as a High School English teacher at a Bedouin Arab School in the Naqab. She has a Masters in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Drama Therapy from California Institute of Integral Studies. Since 2017, she has been working with Bedouin Arab survivors of sexual assault. In 2021 she joined “Hosen Center” where she works with Bedouin Arabs with diverse traumas. During May 2021, she joined the initiative of providing emotional and psychological support for families of young people who were arrested by Israeli forces. Together with other volunteers she would visit families, offering communal support whilst also providing an initial mental health intervention.

Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian is professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is a Palestinian feminist activist and the Chair in Global Law at Queen Mary University of London. Author of numerous works focusing on the psycho-social-legal impact of the occupation, in particular upon children.
2. Mental Health in Palestine: Resisting Settler Colonial Partition  
Thursday, 2nd June 2022  6-8pm (UK time) 8-10pm (Palestine time)

The Learning Cooperative and the Red Clinic present this special event bringing together mental health clinicians working across partitioned Palestinian society – Gaza, Jerusalem, Ramallah and the West Bank, Nazareth and Haifa – to offer an integrated view of the psychological impact of the continuous trauma of apartheid and occupation.

Dr Yasser Abu Jamei is a neuropsychiatrist and the General Director of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, the largest mental health service providers in the Gaza Strip. He has overseen the provision of psychological support through multiple Israeli onslaughts, in a region experiencing one of the worst mental health crises in the world.

Rana Nashashibi is the Director of the Palestinian Counseling Center, where she has pioneered the provision of mental health and counseling services in the Palestinian community. She has also played a key role in the formation and supervision of women’s support groups in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Ms Nashashibi stands on many national and regional boards and steering committees such as the Palestinian National steering committee on mental health, the Arab Resource Collective, the Mehwar Center for survivors of domestic violence and the Popular Arts Center. She has been a lecturer in the Psychology Department at Birzeit University since 1997.

Dr Mustafa Qossoqsi is a clinical psychologist and family and couples psychotherapist, based at the EMMS Nazareth hospital where he is the chief clinical psychologist of the Psychiatric Department. He is also a clinical supervisor at the Maana Psychotherapeutic Centre. Dr Qossoqsi has researched the intergenerational effects of the Nakbah on internally displaced Palestinians and has been instrumental in developing training in Arabic for Palestinian Psychologists. He is co-founder and former head of the Arab Psychological Association and co- founder of the Palestine Global Network. He is also a published poet.

Rozeen Marjieh is educational psychologist, mental health care activist and member of Palestine Global Mental Health Network based in Haifa.

The event will be chaired by Dr Lara Sheehi, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at the George Washington University Professional Psychology program and secretary and president-elect of the Society for Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychology. Dr Sheehi is the co-author with Stephen Sheehi of Psychoanalysis Under Occupation.