Palestine Global Mental Health Network meeting “Call for Immediate Release of Ahmad Manasra” Wednesday 15 June 1pm (NY), 6pm (UK), 8pm (Pal)

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Dear friends, We are circulating this invitation to a meeting organised by the Palestine-Global Mental Health Network as part of the ongoing Ahmad Manasra campaign. This meeting will replace the regular UK-Palestine Mental Health Network Cafe Palestine in the month of June.

Abolish Incarceration of Palestinian Children

Call for Immediate Release of Ahmad Manasra:
Campaign and Petition

6pm (London) 8pm (Palestine) 1pm (New York)

The Palestine Global Mental Health Network invites you to join activists, Psychiatrists, and Mental Health experts in their urgent campaign and petition to free Ahmad Manasra from incarceration. Ahmad is now 20, but has been incarcerated by Israel since he was 13 years old.
They will explore the heightened challenges facing young Palestinians – children and adolescents – growing up within the apartheid reality of occupied Palestine, as well as addressing the threats to their mental health under Israel’s dire incarceration practices.
The report on Ahmad’s condition by an international group of psychiatrists will be shared for circulation. 
Speakers will include: Mr. and Mrs. Manasra (Ahmad Manasra’s parents),
Dr. Elizabeth Berger, Dr. Samah Jabr, Dr. Brooke Maddux, Dr. Gwyneth Daniel, Dr. Hasanen Al-Taiar and Dr. Sammy Rahal.
Heba Zaphiriou-Zarifi
Meeting Chair