Recording Café Palestine 34; Fundraiser for PTC; Webinar: Social Work in Palestine; Biography of Eyad el Sarraj

Dear friends and colleagues,

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 In this newsletter:
1. Recording of Café Palestine 34 is available
2. Palestinian Social Work Advocacy: Lessons for the USA
3. Brent PSC Comedy Evening – fundraising for the Palestine Trauma Centre
4. New Book: Wasseem el Sarraj’s biography of his father, founder director of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme 

1. Recording of Café Palestine 34
The recording of Café Palestine 34: “Bedouins of the Naqab: Resisting erasure in ’48 Palestine” is available here.

2. Palestinian Social Work Advocacy: Lessons for Social Work in the U.S.
The American Association for Psychoanalysis within Clinical Social Work has arranged this event, with speakers David S. Byers, Bryn Mawr College School of Social Work, U.S.A, and Anan Fareed, Al Quds University, Palestine

Sunday, July 17, 2022 7pm UK / 9pm Palestine time

Please register here.

This Zoom salon will discuss the article ‘Vernacular ethics and clinical activism in Palestine: Lessons for social work in the U.S.’ It will ask what clinical social workers in the US can learn from Palestinian social workers about providing care for people who are stigmatized by mainstream culture. It will consider how we might advance our understanding and support for Palestinian social workers whose ethics of care responds, by necessity, to their politicized experience.

Further details here.

3. Stand Up for the Children of Gaza!
Brent PSC has organised this fundraiser on behalf of the Palestine Trauma Centre.
Featuring Mark Thomas, Daphna Baram, Imran Youssef, Jenan Younis and Ivor DembinaThis is not an online event.

Comedy Fundraiser for PTC Friday 15th July
Venue: Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London.

Details here.

4. New Book: a biography of GCMHP founder Dr Eyad Serraj
Human Rights and the Struggle for Justice in Palestine: the life of Gaza’s Pioneering Psychiatrist, Dr Eyad Serraj: by Wasseem Serraj.

Further details, and available to order here.