Ahmad Manasra Campaign Update

Ahmad Manasra Campaign Update

Israeli Court refuses to hear psychiatric reports on the grounds that he is a “terrorist”

Despite huge international support for the campaign, led by the Palestine Global Network and supported by the UK, USA, France, Ireland and South African Networks, Ahmad remains in prison and his mental and physical health continues to deteriorate. The most recent hearing (28 June) of the Release Committee refused to consider evidence from Ahmad’s legal team and from medical professionals, having reverted to their position that he is held under terrorist laws. 

This distressing news should lead all of us to redouble our efforts on Ahmad’s behalf. If ever there was a case for advocacy and action from those who care about Palestine, about mental health and about our ethical responsibilities, this is it. If ever there was an individual whose suffering is emblematic of that of the hundreds of Palestinian children incarcerated each year, it is Ahmad. We owe it to him, his parents and to the group of activists in Jerusalem, throughout Palestine and in exile who steadfastly continue to fight this injustice, to do all we possibly can.

Here are some actions you can take:

1) Sign and share the petition.

2) Raise this issue in your own professional organisations, urging that they should lobby Israeli government and professional bodies to press for Ahmad’s freedom.

3) Contact your Member of Parliament adapting the attached generic letter as a guide. This link also provides clear points that need to be made.

4) Send the second attached letter to any contacts you have in the mental health field in Israel or to anyone you know who may have such contacts.

5) Write to the following Israel ministries using either of the attached letters as a guide

The Ministry of Welfare and Social Affairs contact information:
Meir Cohen – The Minister of Welfare and Social Affairs.                                                                          
Address: P.O.B 915, 2 Kaplan St., 9100801 Jerusalem
E-Mail : sar@molsa.gov.il
Phone : +972-6752523
Fax : +972-5085555
The Ministry of Justice contact information 
Gideon Sa’ar – The Minister of Justice
E-Mail : sar@justice.gov.il
Phone – +973-3925527
Fax – +9726285438
Sunday-Thursday 09:00-13:00
The Ministry of Health Contact information :
Nitsan Horovitz – The Minister of Health
E-Mail : sar@moh.gov.il
Address : 39 Yermeyaho St., Jerusalem.
Postal address: P.O.B 1176, Jerusalem.
Zip Code: 9101002,
Phone : +972-5081325
Fax – +972-5655993
Telephone service
Sunday-Thursday 08:00 – 16:00.

Take any other actions you think would be helpful or contact us with suggestions.
Mondoweiss recently published this article about the campaign: 

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