NPSA congress in Tel Aviv; removal of Palestinian children’s art; plus other campaigns, papers and news

1. No more ‘business as usual’: a call to the NPSA

The International Neuropsychoanalytic Association (NPSA) has responded to requests not to hold its annual congress in Tel Aviv, defending their decision with an apologia for apartheid (‘Israel is a complex and multifaceted society’). The Mental Health Networks’ collective response states that:

‘To counterpose a day or two of talking together as an alternative to sustained solidarity work is arrogant and insulting, as well as directly undermining the only effective strategy of resistance available to Palestinians.’

The full reply, published in Mondoweiss, is available here

Meanwhile, Ahmad Manasra – jailed since he was 13 and now suffering from acute psychological difficulties, is sentenced to a further six months in solitary confinement by an Israeli court.To understand why we oppose the normalisation of apartheid Israel, watch this video.

2. Chelsea and Westminster Hospital removes children’s art at behest of Israel lobby group

Further evidence that support for apartheid Israel avoids cognitive dissonance by refusing to acknowledge Palestinian realities has been provided by an NHS hospital administration. UK Lawyers for Israel are claiming ‘credit’ for protecting Jewish patients from being ‘offended’ by having to see an exhibition of children’s artwork from Gaza. The hospital apparently agrees.

Two articles explore the implications of this betrayal: Gwyn Daniel’s ‘Even with Palestinian children’s art, Israel must make itself the victim’, and Ramzy Baroud’s ‘Palestinian children’s art exposes Israel’s cultural genocide’

There is a petition ‘Rehang Children’s Artwork from Gaza at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’ here

3. Samidoun: Launching ‘a campaign to liberate the remains of Palestinian martyrs’

The UKPMHN supports this campaign to confront one of the most repellent practices of the occupation, the withholding of the bodies of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces. This issue, and its impact on the families concerned, was the subject of Café Palestine 9 with Hussam Kana’na. Read this material, write to your MP, write to Samidoun….

4. Fighting the lobby’s racism, with Lara Sheehi

Watch this podcast where Lara is joined by her lawyer Abed Ayoub, executive director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, to talk about how she is resisting the smear campaign and collusion by her university

5. Journal of the American Psychological Association:Call for papers: Practicing decolonial and liberation psychologies

Further details at the link above. Letter of intent deadline: March 30, 2023

6Essential Reading from Samah Jabr and Elizabeth Berger

Samah and Elizabeth’s new paper has just appeared in the International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic StudiesCommunity mental health, psychoanalysis, and freedom: The case of Palestine  (unfortunately this is not on open access: students and others should be able to read it through their libraries etc. If not, ask your library to subscribe!)

 7. History: On Britain’s role in suppressing the first Palestinian Revolt 1936-39

A Balfour Project webinar with Matthew Hughes…