Cafe Palestine is back! Sat 6th May at 15.45-17.30 (UK time). Plus: Dr Yasser Abu Jamei is coming to London

Cafe Palestine 36
Saturday May 6th 2023 15.45-17.30 (UK time)
Get To Know Us! Our lives with mental illness in the Palestinian community

Presenters: Suzan Mitwalli and Dr Yoke Rabaia from Birzeit University and Professor Hanna Kienzler from Kings College, London

What does it mean to live and participate in the community with severe mental illness? The presenters have researched this question in the context of Palestine with persons with severe mental illness and practitioners from the Palestinian Counseling Centre. Their findings have led to the publication of an illustrated storybook “Get to know us! Our lives with mental illness in the Palestinian community” which explores the difficulties and limited opportunities for people with mental illness to live and participate in their communities.

Chapters focus on the notions of community, life with mental illness, equity, spare time, and the rights to medication and work. In their talk, they will share their insights into community inclusion and participation of people with severe mental illness in Palestine. They will describe the process of co-producing the book and highlight how the book can be used as part of teaching, training and awareness raising initiatives.

The project, which has the idea of social justice at its heart will be of interest, not only to those involved with Palestine but also to anyone using or wishing to explore similar collaborations with those living with a mental illness diagnosis. 

2. Dr Yasser Abu Jamei from the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme

Dr Abu Jamei, Director of the GCMHP and founding member of the Palestine Global Mental Health Network is visiting London in May.The UKPMHN, together with the Friends of Bir Ziet University, and Birkbeck University, are arranging two public meetings to which everyone is cordially invited.

a) Thursday 25th May at 5pm, Birkbeck University. Professor Jacqueline Rose will chair this event.

b) Friday 26th May at 6:00pm-7:30pm hosted by Friends of Bir Zeit University. The venue is not yet confirmed but will be in central London.

Further details of both meetings will be circulated soon.