Mental Health Workers’ Pledge for Palestine

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The Thinking behind the Mental Health Workers’ Pledge for Palestine
by Samah Jabr MD and Elizabeth Berger MD, M.Phil


As mental health practitioners we hope to promote the integrity of the individual. Similarly, the goal of our public health agenda should be to promote the emotional well-being of the community. Preconditions for this are social justice and the enjoyment of universal human rights.

For that reason, we join with the Palestinian people in their resistance to the military occupation imposed by Israel. We voice particular opposition to Israeli policies that inflict widespread physical and psychological suffering:

  • the intentional and systematic destruction of the Palestinian economy, governance, healthcare infrastructure, educational institutions, and cultural integrity
  • the deliberate undermining of community cohesion and family stability upon which healthy childhood development depend
  • the pervasive violation of human rights— including seizures of land, demolition of homes, kidnapping and detention, imposition of racist policies, humiliation, killing and maiming of unarmed civilians, and torture including the torture of children

In solidarity with the people of Palestine and to support our colleagues in Palestine who work under these extreme circumstances, we pledge:

  • to “do no harm,” refusing to lend our support to activities which explicitly or implicitly normalize the occupation and justify Israel’s role in it
  • to support and, where possible, to participate in acts of witnessing, documenting, and researching the experiences of the Palestinian people
  • to support initiatives encouraging our professional groups and organizations to take a moral stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine